July 31, 2010

Pizza News

Two guys walk to the back of the pizzeria holding paper plates and cups and sit across from me at the next table. They are both large men, one is in his forties; the other is in his early twenties. Their size and weight seem due to muscle turning to fat. A radio is playing a song  — you know, I wish that I had Jessie’s girl, I wish that I had Jessie’s girl— .

The older guy says to the younger guy, ”yeah (hee hee) Jessie’s girl’s a HO! (Ha)”. The younger guy barely acknowledges him as he inhales his pizza. The older guy realizing the younger ones’ disinterest mumbles, “yeah that’s an oldie, real clas – sic”

The older guy says to the younger guy, “where’d they go? Did ya even taste ‘em?”. The younger guy smirks as if proud and says, “I don’ know, I was hungry”

The older guy is picking up on the feeling that he’s getting on the younger guys nerves. So the older guy says, “you hear ‘bout that pyramid they found? “. He waits for a response and then continues,
“Yeah, the largest pyramid in tha world, and its buried under the ground.” A pause, “Bigger than Giza.”. The young man says something low that I cannot hear. Just then the door to the pizzeria opens and lets in the sounds of the street. The older guy says something that sounds like, “yeah its in Turkey.”

I take a bite out of my pizza. “I’ll have to look that up when I get home” I think to myself.

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